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Jethro Alone star Sheeran / Herb Skillz Announces New Album

JULY 2020 – Alone star, also known as Jethro Sheeran, is an award-winning singer and songwriter based in the United Kingdom.

His music is influenced by a die variety
of styles, making for a diverse and unapologetic
a sound that’s emotional and uplifting. He recently
announced the release of His brand new studio EP
titled “Sunshine and Rain,” and it features 9 studio
tracks, each setting the bar higher in terms of
passion and definition. What makes the project
stand out is definitely the fact that each song is
extremely diverse, exploring various musical styles,
but also highlighting Jethro’s connection with relevant social and global
themes, such as climate change, world peace, unity, self-help, and so
much more. The EP also explores other topics, including darker issues
such as suicide, anxiety, losing religion, gun and knife crimes and goes
as far as murder and death. The songs and the concept as a whole is
amazing, and it is not surprising, since it was scripted by the very
talented and EMA award-winning, Billboard number 1 artist Jethro
“Alone star” Sheeran himself.

To bring this stunning studio release to life, Jethro teamed up
with one of Africa’s top producers, Herbert Skillz, all the way from
“Sunshine and Rain,” is a powerful blend of Afrobeat, hip-hop, R&B
and pop.
The Lead Single off the Sunshine and rain EP is “Raise em up” The

Jethro “Alone star” Sheeran features mega-superstar “Ed Sheeran”
Jethros’ first cousin,

The talented cousins managed to strike gold on their collaboration,
flowing over a hypnotic afrobeat/pop track with live brass and an
uplifting tropical house feel singing the powerful uplifting chorus over
the tropical, Afro-pop beat produced by Top African Producer from
Uganda “Herbert Skillz”

The track also features one of UK’s Exciting emerging talents “Trunki”
from the chase a million movement powered by himself and his brother
Max (Maximus ace)

The second single “Party” is pure joy. A huge fun Afro-pop sound,
uplifting, and positive vibes with a big catchy chorus. The song features
beautiful vocals from young British / Filipina upcoming superstar
Jethro quote –

“I’m so excited for this release. A collaboration between Sheeran music, Urban
Angel and Contractor music group and Stargazer Music Magazine. I’ve been
working on it for 2 years with Herbert Skillz and finally, it’s ready for release! It’s a
new sound for me Afro Beat – pop / Hop hop and I’m singing a lot more as well as
rapping on this Ep. It’s an uplifting experience, Fun and positive. I’m extremely
proud of the first single “Raise em up” (remix) ft my cousin Ed Sheeran Trunki
(Chase a million) produced by Herbert (celebrating our 10th anniversary of the
original myself & Ed put out independently) we are giving away 10% to the NHS. I’m
very proud of all my features Akon, Kojo Rigault, Kayla, Arianna, Big Kaka & Wayne
wonder! It’s a fantastic piece of work. My best so far”.
Sunshine and Rain EP is out now on pre-order accompanied with 3 stunning
lyric videos.

Jethro is due to fly to Uganda, Africa this spring to shoot 2 music
videos. He is also going to visit Jamaica for the 3rd video for the first
single release “Don’t cry.” And his collaboration with Sizzla and
Capleton “Fire Slew









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