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– for production, record deal & tour
At  present the UK urban music scene is quite dead especially with the emerging of  TV talent show pop candy!  We are looking to create a fresh new  authentic  BAND with four amazing  voices  who can truly sing, rap or MC (Jamaican style) not just in a studio but can also perform live. If we were to mention any influences, they would be vocally, Adele, Rihanna, Alecia Keys, rapping kendrick lamar & Drake, MC Lisa Hype, ishauna, Marvado & Vybes Kartel. Just imagine these  artist working together, it would be incredible!  There will also be collaborations with well known artist who too will feature in promotional videos. The sound of the group will be of a edgy eclectic mix of electro, hip hop, and dance hall produced by some of the hottest beat makers.  This fresh sound  IS to complement with high energy shows  around the UK.  There will be a lot of emphasis placed on style and image concerning the overall look of the project – as we feel image plays an important role in the success of any group.
If you can sing or rap, contact us today.

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