Eva Scolaro

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 Singer, model and footwear designer. There aren’t many of the creative industries that Eva Scolaro hasn’t been able to make a name for herself. She is both talented and driven; being the major motivating force behind her own success. This isn’t to say her journey has been without it’s roadblocks, in the contrary, but it’s those roadblocks that make what she does even more magnificent. They add depth, a story, some soul. 

As a performer Eva has made a name for herself in some of the southern hemisphere’s most popular late night party destinations including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Vietnam, Jakarta and her home Bali. Her ability to take timeless jazz classics and blend them with a modern beat and some funky live brass is one of the many reasons the the rooms she plays stay consistently full and the invitations to return keep flowing into her inbox.

Eva has recently been signed to German label Wormland with her original House Track “Don’t Tell Me No” written together with Steen T.

2016 looks not only to continue in this fashion of writing new music, travelling with her band. Get ready to see Eva’s career develop further. With addition of another live show Eva is able to offer full live band, a solo performance and a jazz trio as well as a new electronic act released by September 2016.  This will continue to ensure she is exactly what you’ve been looking for and exactly what your audience has been wanting.






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