Lola Lavoy

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Lola Lavoy is a singer-songwriter of Latin descent born in the beautiful city of Miami, FL. Her fathers side who resides in Cuba are all musicians. The love for music runs in the Lavoy blood. Her father, Fernando Lavoy, was a well-known Sonero in the salsa music industry in the 80’s and early 90’s. Some of the bands he was part of was Conjunto Cristal, Fernando y Los Soneros, La Sonora Mantancera to name a few. Unfortunately in 1993 he was murdered. She has followed in her fathers footsteps and displays the same love, dedication and passion he had for the art of composing and performing. She has performed in many venues in the state of Florida. After high school she has pursued her career in music. Her songs are her stories, she sings of love, life and heartbreak. She has a power house voice that no one ever expects to come out of “someone so tiny” as she’s been told numerous of times. Lola is now traveling the United States this year in her first mini tour. Her songs are about expressing in words all types of emotions one experiences through life. As she would say “Music is my confession. It’s my addiction. My way of venting.”




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