Jasena Odell

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JaSena Marie / SINGER /SONG WRITER // AGE:17// MULTIRACIAL/ Jamaican, Irish, Italian, Scottish, Slovakian, and English
Born in Bradenton FL on February 2nd,1997. JaSena spent time living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Jamaica, and currently resides in Miami fl. JaSena grew up singing, songwriting, modeling, and dancing. From an early age JaSena participated in school talent shows as well as joined her school choir during her elementary years, and is currently continuing with it in High School. Not only is this amazing entertainer talented but she has an amazing story of survival that reassures this girls drive and willingness to succeed. On September 23,2008 JaSena and her older brother J.Lloyd, her sister Natalie and other students riding the Marion County school bus were in a horrific accident. On this life changing day, that bus was involved in a serious collision with a semi-truck. As a result of this accident JaSena and her brother were hospitalized with serious injuries. JaSena was in a coma and her mother was forced to approve risky brain surgery. Metal plates were placed into JaSena’s head to help hold her cracked skull back in place. She underwent numerous surgical procedures including reconstructive surgery on her face. This horrific event had a significant, yet positive impact on JaSena. She “look(s) at it as a sign confirming that life is too short to not do what makes you happy. ” and with this attitude of gratitude, JaSena dedicated her life to share her love of the music and making the world a better place .From an early age JaSena has pushed herself creatively and artistically writing her own songs. Presently, JaSena has multiple originals recorded: “Just a little confused”, “Effected by words”,“RudeGyal”,“Makeachange”,“PromiseLand”,and“HeyBoys”, just to name a few .A part from being a welcome performer at venues in South Beach, JaSena is Currently working on an international tour and recording a new single with her Brother,rapper/songwriterJLloyd.
Through out JaSena’s career she plans to stick to her own motto “Sing to Change Lives”.




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