Miss Kai Ryder

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Introducing Kai Ryder, an independent solo artist and songwriter who at the tender age of 6 began singing songs written by her grandmother at church ‘’Running to the front of church to sing about 8 lines and collect all my 50 pences on my way back to my seat’’ It was inevitable that this 26 year old Birmingham based talent would not lead a life without music having been brought up into a musical family with the likes of her DJ grandfather and uncle, lyricist cousin and her song writing and poet mother.

Kai could not help but bring all of her lifetime experiences to the music scene and never once thought about becoming an artist until she realised that she had a great talent that she could put to good use ‘’My mom always shouted at me ‘if you don’t do something about it then STOP singing’ this drove me to the studio’’ Being able to use music to voice her every feeling and emotion was powerful to her and would eventually epitomise the backdrop to her own individual sound.

Growing up listening to artists such as Aaliyah, Monica, SWV & Ashanti became her influence into the style of music she wished to portray, using her bare soft sounding suttle tones as the main instrument to deliver her sound without the need for any gimmicks that are often used nowadays in music. ‘’I would love to learn piano, Alicia Keys is my inspiration for this, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be in your own world creating a sound and singing along to it’’ she says ‘’I’m gonna bring some dance into my work I’ve always wanted to do it, Aaliyah and Ciara showed me that this can be done and I love them for that’’.

Kai has performed in various venues such as: iLuvLive, The LOL Comedy Show and The HMV Institute, she has also graced the stage at music festivals and carnivals: Derby, Notting Hill, Manchester, High Wycombe plus more. ‘’My first performance ever was when I had to say goodbye to my Grandad at 16, since then it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, although I didn’t really take it serious then it’s the now that counts and I’m gonna continue to move up my ladder until I am where I dream to be’’.

Kai has released an album titled “Mind of a Gemini”. Kai adds “it’s just basically what goes through my mind and how I feel at the time of writing each song as a Gemini, experiences any human can relate to” she continues ‘’ I’ve been through so so much when it comes to love, all the pain and heartache. When I look at it I have to thank God for this blessing as I wouldn’t have anything to vent on when it comes to the type of music I do’’.

‘’I just hope everyone can relate to me as a female who is very sensitive about this topic and not just an artist picking concepts, I hope one day that I will find love and finally be able to talk about the fun side of this topic’’.

Kai continues to travel to and from cities in the UK to network with other artists/producers within the music industry. She has also featured on a few media channels such as SBTV, Grime daily and P110. Kai uses original beats from producers in Birmingham and London to write her own songs. Additional to that Kai has featured on radio and has had songs played on stations such as Hot 92, New Style Radio and BBC 1Xtra to name but a few.






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