Sonia Isaza

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Sonia Isaza is an Colombian bodybuilder with nearly 1 Million fans on Instagram, she manages to inspire legions of online followers, men and women aswell. Originally from the city of Pereira, which is located in the foothills of the Andes, the blonde bombshell moved to Cali in the south west of Colombia in 2006 in order to compete as a bodybuilder.
Isaza gained all that fans by continually treating her followers with pictures of her amazingly toned body.

In response to one of Sonia’s posts, a fan wrote: ‘Your hard work, dedication and sacrifice in the gym/kitchen have certainly paid off. Thanks for inspiring all of us and keep it going!’ The exercise addict’s slogan is ‘live and let live’ and she proudly shows her curves in a selection of skimpy gear, promoting a ‘fitness culture’ for women everywhere.




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