Erica Mena

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In the year of 1987, on November 8th, one very strong Puerto Rican/Dominican we all know now as Erica Mena was born. Instantly she began to show signs of wanting to be a performer. Jumping in front of the camera and posing or saying something witty every chance she got. After a while, she began to find different role models to look up to such as: Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Selena and her number one role model, Jennifer Lopez. Learning everything she could about each one, she began putting on shows for family and friends.

Hitting the age of 14, Erica decided it was time to chase after her dream. After being in a magazine called, IN Gear, she began to gain modeling jobs right away. What really made her dreams a reality was when MTV aired a “J.Lo Look-a-like contest” where Erica wowed the judges by putting on the best Jennifer Lopez act out there. After winning on this show, Erica was casted to be in her first music video as a lead dancer in “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” by Young Gunz. With her modeling and video girl career taking off, at the age of 16, MTV offered her another show to perform on called “Say What Karaoke”. Erica won this as well, and went on to winning the fans live vote on the shows live segment.




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