India Love

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India Westbrooks, also known as India Love, is the youngest sister of the Westbrooks sisters’ dynasty. Born in Compton, California, India and her sisters Brooke, Morgan, Bree and Crystal have taken social media over by storm.

She and her sisters are very close and have genuine love for one another. Growing up, their dad constantly kept a camera on them, so it’s no surprise that they are all naturals in front of the camera now. India is very passionate about her modeling career and her family.

In the beginning, she had no idea that she was actually creating her very own following that would soon become her fan base. Eventually, India took her flawless photos to Instagram where she now reigns with over a million followers and counting. After realizing she could generate revenue with the help of social media, she began to take her branding more seriously in order to establish a name for herself.

As she aims to reach iconic status, India Love will be a household name. You can catch India and her sisters on BET for their new reality show, The #WestBrooks, where you can indulge in the entire family and get to see all of the different personalities and the strong bonds shared among India and her sisters.




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