Dolly Castro

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Dolly Castro was born and raised in the tropical country of Nicaragua. Recognized for her natural curves, exotic features, and sweet and humble personality; Dolly strives to empower people to work hard, live a healthy lifestyle and become a better person each day.

Being raised in a very religious household, Dolly’s parents were also very firm on making sure education was a key factor in her life, and something she pursued. Wanting to become a chef was a dream for Dolly, however a career as a lawyer was a much more respected profession in her fathers eyes and that’s exactly what she studied for 9 semesters. The birth of a child gave Dolly such joy, it was a sense of fulfillment. Having someone to take care of and be a positive role model for immediately became a priority for her and she wanted nothing more than to make sure her beautiful daughter had an amazing life.

With years of experience being a model in Nicaragua, some encouragement from close friends and family pushed Dolly to take it more seriously by packing up and taking her talents to the U.S.A to achieve bigger dreams. Shortly after arriving in Miami, It didn’t take long for Dolly’s image to blow up as her face was seen on covers of magazines and tv screens worldwide. Social media began buzzing over the naturally beautiful latin model from a country many were unfamiliar with, and this exposure allowed Dolly to grow her own brand and create a business for herself with the help of social media.

These days Dolly takes pride in her lifestyle brand Bars and Branches, as well as continuing to motivate people in person and through her social media to live a life that’s full of happiness and passion. If Dolly is able to inspire just one person to be the best that they can be then she feels like she’s doing exactly what she was put on this earth to do.


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