Aaliyah Latifah

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Aaliyah Latifah is a 16 year old Singer and songwriter from the UK.

She grew up listening to artist like Mary J Blige, Eve, Destiny’s Child, Brandy, and Ashanti – just to name a few. Aaliyah started singing and writing songs around the age of 9.

In August 2010 she joined a music group ‘so sick ent’ where she recorded several features and her first solo song ‘Could of been me’. In February 2011 she went solo and recorded her second song ‘Notice Me’, a song that got a lot of positive feedback and also gained her supporters.

She continued to record songs like ‘Are you the reason?’, ‘Feeling you’, ‘Nothing at all’ and ‘Young & Stupid’. Which were uploaded onto soundcloud and Reverbnation. She also recorded a remix to Drake’s ‘Marvins room’ which got over 5,000 views on youtube, before her page was unfortunately hacked and the content was removed. (But the song is still on her RN page.)

In 2012, Aaliyah released the hit single ‘Threw It Away’ produced by American producer Sonny Boy, which became Aaliyah’s most played song on soundcloud so far, with over 200 comments and 100 favourites. The song got a lot of attention from fans, producers, labels and even fellow artist who wanted to work with her.

A few months later, Liyah released her first DnB track ‘Hear Me Out’, which was different from her other tracks and showed her versatility as an artist.
She planned to do a press release and get the song on radio’s etc, but due to disagreements with the producer, that didn’t happen.
But Aaliyah is planning to have the song remixed, so that the song gets the exposure it deserves.

In March 2013, she released another DnB track ‘On Your Mind’ Produced by Cyprus DJ, Sega. It has already grabbed the attention of DnB labels, and has been played on sheffield fm radio & Music non stop radio.

Aaliyah Latifah is continuing to grow as an artist, and has been told by supporters and people that have known her since she first started, that she has improved both vocally and lyrically.

She now has a growing fan base from all over the world, including USA, Cyprus, Italy, Canada & New Zealand.

Latifah has even began to ghost write for other artist, including Elisa Sintjago from China, which she wrote her hit song ‘Be That one’.

She has appeared in magazines like Niji mag and Life in colour (LIC). She is also Number 1 in the R&B/Soul charts via Reverbnation with over 12,000 fans!

Her musical inspirations are Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, Jhene Aiko, Brandy, and Mary J Blige. She said: “They are very powerful women with a different style. Every time I hear their music it makes me want to grab a pen and just write something very creative.”

Despite recent setbacks, Aaliyah Latifah is now working on a 6 Track E.P. Which she plans to release before her birthday in July. This E.P is said to be a mixture of different genres and may even include the remix to ‘Hear Me Out’.

She is also planning to record her first Official music video this year, and work with different artist to build her profile.



Also Here DnB Tune (Hear Me Out Got Featured On Hot Diamond Vol1 )


You Can Also Download The Mixtape Via Soundcloud…..



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