Jessica Kylie

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Jessica, who grew up in Houston, TX, is often called Miss Rabbit because one of her favorite movies growing up was ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’, and since the sexy lead is Jessica Rabbit… the name started and stuck. She has chosen to just shorten it to “Miss Rabbit” because of the number of people making reference to “Jessica Rabbit” with their names, so she wanted to differentiate herself.

She is described by people who know her as ‘the most down to earth and cool person’. She loves to have fun, and that involves good friends, good food, basically she’s enjoying life at it’s fullest right now.

Modeling career

She got into the picture taking thing like most girls these days, and she had so many people telling her that she should do it so she finally gave it a shot. She did local things here and there, until she found her way on the set of Paul Wall’s “Break ’em off Real Bad” video, and around that time is when things started to change for her. She met Dwyane Darden from on the set of a calendar shoot, and they just fell into business mode almost instantly.

Within a couple of months, she was shooting for a few magazines, and she’s featured on the 2008 Summerbunnies calendar along with Lyric. She loves dressing up, doing the makeup and hair thing, and all the attention that all of this brings. Even moreso, she has the business focus to know that she’s not going to do very much for free, and she also knows that right behind her is that next hot girl just waiting to take her spot when her time is done, so there is definitely a post-model career plan in development. Her goal is to be very well known and paid in her newfound field of entertainment/modeling.

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